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Director's Welcome

The Learning Office, the Education Technologies Committee, and the Education Technologies Unit united under the roof of the “Office for Learning and Teaching Enhancement” (OLTE), taking on a more professional and comprehensive role, after having actively contributed to the mission of enhancing the learning experiences of Özyeğin University students through collaboration with faculty and relevant units of the university, and playing a key role in assisting Özyeğin University in becoming one of the leading higher education institutions in teaching and learning in Turkey since 2016.

Unlike the similar existing centers in Turkey, OLTE has adopted a different organization, with a robust cadre of advisors holding doctoral degrees with a specialty in the design of learning and teaching, and specialized support staff. Through this unique organization, OLTE aims to unravel the true added-value of educational sciences within a research-based context, and ensure the accurate and consistent analysis of the data obtained in the learning journey. 

The techno-pedagogical education framework which shows the strategies the University will pursue in all its learning and teaching processes is designed and managed under the vision of OLTE. OLTE’s comprehensive vision sees to it that learning advisors are assigned to different faculties and fields to conduct more specialized studies in their respective fields as an important step towards the perceptual transformation in teaching and learning across the University. 

We hope to make a lasting impact in the teaching and learning experiences of all stakeholders, exchange ideas, constantly follow latest developments and innovations to take timely action for research-based needs, and forge ahead to become a pioneering unit that serves as role model for other universities.

Prof. Dr. Tufan ADIGÜZEL