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Course Design

Working one-on-one with course instructors on teaching-learning processes.

Co-designing course syllabi and teaching-learning processes.

Designing appropriate need-based technological processes and resources.

Evaluating different need-based instructional strategies, methods, and techniques.

Evaluating different need-based evaluation and assessment methods.

Supporting the development of interactive instructional materials.

Providing support for designing and shooting video lectures.


Support for Faculties 


Finding solutions to potential cases and problems that may arise during the distance and face-to-face education processes.

Organizing workshops and training programs in response to the requests received from faculty.

Supporting the course design and development processes through different plugins and activities on the LMS.

Organizing periodic meetings to exchange experiences and best practices. 

Creating and running learning communities for faculty to interact with each other and with the OLTE instructional design consultants.

Providing support for structuring the design and materials for distance education courses in accordance with international quality standards.

Conduct joint projects in collaboration with faculty for scientific research, development, and application.

Instructional Environments


Providing support for the active use of the studios on campus.

Offering special solutions for home environments (such as iPad + pen) according to the needs of the instructors.


Technical Support

Preparing user guides and videos for the software programs and tools used in the teaching-learning process.

Giving an orientation to new instructors about the software programs and tools they will use in the teaching-learning process.

Providing one-to-one technical support to instructors and students for the software programs and tools they use in the teaching-learning process (OLTE SC).