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How Do I Use the LMS Quiz?

  1. Click on the "Turn editing on" button.
  2. Click on the "Add an activity or resource" field under the week you want to create a quiz.
  3. Choose the "Quiz" option. 
  4. "General" alanı altında "name", "description" ve "display description on course page” seçenekleri bulunmaktadır.
    a. Name: Input a name for the quiz.
    b. Description: Add information / instructions for the quiz.
    c. Display description on course page: By clicking this option, you can make the text you input in the "description" field appear on the course page. 

  5. Under the "Timing” field there are “open the quiz”, “close the quiz”, “time limit” and “when time expires” options.
    a. Open the quiz & close the quiz: Enter the start and end dates for the student to do the quiz at a specified interval.
    b. Time limit: Have the student do the quiz within a specified amount of time.
    c. The following options are available under the When time expires field. When time expires alanı altında aşağıdaki seçenekler yer almaktadır.
    d. Open attempts are submitted automatically: It ensures that students' answers are automatically recorded in the system.
    1. There is a grace period when open attempts can be submitted, but no more questions answered: After the quiz expires, a short period of time can be given and students can be asked to submit their answers. During this time, they cannot answer the questions, they can only click on the submit button.

    2. Attempts must be submitted before time expires, or they are not counted: You can require the students to submit their answers before the deadline.   

         6. Under the "Grade" field, there are "grade category", "grade to pass", "attempts allowed" and "grading method" options.

  1. Grade to pass: Input the minimum score required to pass the exam.
  2. Attempts allowed: If you want the student to do this quiz only once, you can select "1", if you want more than one right you can choose other options.
  1. Grading method: This option will be active if you give the student more than one right to complete the quiz. Among the attempts, there are options such as whether to consider the highest score, the average of the attempts, or the first or last attempt.6


     7. Under the "Layout" area, there are "new page" and "navigation method" options.

  1. New page: You can have a single question or multiple questions appear on a page. (It is recommended to have one question on each page, so when the next question / page is passed, the LMS can keep the other answer in its memory, otherwise problems may occur.)
  2. Navigation method:  "Free" option is selected as default so that the students can navigate between the questions in the quiz as they want. If the “Sequential” option is selected, the students have to solve the questions one by one.                        7


       8. Under the "Question behavior" field, there are "shuffle within questions" and "how questions behave" options.

  1. Shuffle within questions: Marked as "Yes" to allow questions to be shuffled each time.
  2. How questions behave: Feedback to be provided to students is selected from this area, but it is recommended to turn off feedback for the exam.


       9. Under the "Review options" field, there are the options "during the attempt", "immediately after the attempt", "later, while the quiz is still open" and "after the quiz is closed".

  1. During the attempt: Refers to the information the student can access while “doing the exam”.
  2. Immediately after the attempt: Refers to the information that the student can access as soon as finishing the exam.
  3. Later, while the quiz is still open: Refers to the information that the students can access "after a certain period of time they finish the exam”.
  4. After the quiz is closed: Refers to the information that the student can access "after the quiz is closed".9

     10. Click on the "Save and display” button.          

  1. Click on the  “Edit quiz” button to add a question to the quiz.       11
  2. To define the maximum score to be taken from the exam, input the score information in the field next to the "Maximum grade" statement, then click on the "Save" button.
  3. Click on the “Shuffle” field if you want to questions to be shuffled.13
  4. To add a question to the quiz, click on "Add", then "a new question" fields. You can access the detailed information from the “LMS Question Bank Usage Guide” to add questions from the question bank or to shuffle questions.      14

  5. A page with different question types will appear. Select the question type you want and then click on the "Save" button. In this guide, "Multiple Choice" type of question is selected.
  6. Under the "General" field, there are "category", "question name" and "question text" options.​​​
    a. Category: In this field, if you select a question bank that you created before, you can also add this question to the relevant question bank.
    b. Question name: Input a name for the question.
    c. Question text: Add information / instructions for the question.16
  7. Under the "General" field, there are "default mark", "general feedback", "ID number", "one or multiple answers", "shuffle the choices", "number the choices" and "show standard instructions" options.
    a. Default mark: You can set a score for the question.
    b. General feedback: You can give general feedback.
    c. One or multiple answers: If your question has only one correct answer, the "One answer only" option is selected. If your question has more than one correct answer, the "Multiple answers allowed" option is selected.
    d. Shuffle the choices: Allows the options to be shuffled.
    e. Number the choices: You can number the options of the question in different styles.
    f. Show standard instructions: If you want to give an instruction stating that your question has one or more correct answers, select the "Yes" option. If you do not want to give an instruction about this issue, select the "No" option.17

  8. Under the "Answer" field, there are "choice", "grade" and "feedback" options.
  1. Choice: Sorunuzun seçeneklerinden birini yazın.
  2. Grade: Bu seçenek doğru yanıt ise “%100” işaretlenir. Yanlış ise “None” işaretlenir. Eğer sorunun birden fazla doğru cevabı olacak ise derecelendirmeyi ona göre yapmanız gerekmektedir. Örneğin; sorunun iki doğru yanıtı var ise her iki seçeneğin “grade” alanına “%50”, diğer seçenekleri “None” olarak işaretlemeniz gerekir.
  3. Feedback: Bu seçenek seçildiğinde öğrenciye verilecek geri bildirimi ifade eder. 18

    9. If you want to add more options to your question, click on the "Blanks for 3 more choices" button.

    10. Click on the "Save changes” button to complete the question.

    11. The question you created will appear as below. You can preview the question by clicking the magnifier icon, delete the question by clicking X icon, and give a score to the question by clicking the field next to the pencil icon.       21