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HyFlex Experience Room

The HyFlex experience room, located in the Office for Learning and Teaching Enhancement (OLTE), was designed to deliver training sessions for instructors in line with their needs/expectations and plan a variety of workshops to be carried out with the instructors so as to enrich their experiences. With the flexible structure of the HyFlex experience room and its extensive technical equipment, it aims to present all activities related with the learning and teaching process, which will be carried out together with the instructors, with a comprehensive perspective by integrating them in a technical and pedagogical way.

Technical Equipment of the HyFlex Experience Room

  • Room with three walls lined with whiteboard.
  • 10 folding tables and chairs
  • GreenBox equipment.
  • One tripod.
  • Short-throw and touchable projector.
  • ​Two cameras, one fixed and one portable.
  • Audio and microphone system.