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Learning Communities



Learning communities are a community of people who are committed to learn together and from each other and are organized around common goals and objectives. For this purpose, intellectual knowledge sharing is prioritized in learning communities created throughout the university and specific to the faculties/schools. The aim of the created learning communities is to provide a common space where the teaching staff learn together and from each other and interact with the OLTE instructional consultants.

Through these learning communities, teaching staff can ask questions related with the use of LMS features in lessons, digital tools and technologies used in the teaching process, curriculum design, teaching methods and strategies, learning activities and practices, measurement and evaluation methods, and exam safety etc. Also, they can share experiences and resources as well. At the same time, OLTE instructional consultants share information, resources and announcements with the faculty/school members through these platforms.

The links of the learning communities created are shared below.

Learning community created for the entire university: LMS101

Learning communities created for the faculties/schools: